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Samples and Examples:

Stock Prices

A typical time-series type of data. Illustrates the graphing, comparing, and forecasting capabilities.

Iris data

Non time-series data, mainly to either be filtered or predicted with. Try the prediction section in the Analysis tab, to predict a Class based on measurements you input.


Another time-series dataset with many related data points. Can be used graphing, comparing, forecasting, and predicting.

What is Ensmo?

The aim of Ensmo is Data Analysis, Simplified. Learn about Ensmo in under 10 minutes:

Sample datasets used in the video:

You can upload datasets to generate graphs, perform operations on data, do predictions, and forecasts, all using a simple user interface.

When finished, you can easily download graphs and datasets in CSV form after modifications and manipulations.

Ensmo is currently in a very early beta, feel free to make suggestions and give feedback using the button on the lower-right of the screen.